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BJB CIVIL is family owned and run business managed by Bruce and Jennifer Bentley. We have 7 Full time employees. 30 yrs ago Bruce started his business out on the Darling Downs as a general farm labourer on large scale broadacre irrigation cotton farms where plant nutrition and water scheduling and integrated pest management were part  of Bruce’s daily program. Later moved up to a leading hand position and slowly started subcontracting in the field of cotton harvesting and then progressed to chemical ground application contractor. From there moved into Laser levelling of irrigation areas where we started doing our own design and construction for irrigation reticulation systems, a change in circumstances moved us to Brisbane where we established ourselves as a final trim Grader operator for the past 20 yrs which we have worked all over Queensland doing projects for the main roads, residential and industrial. Slowly but surely increased our plant inventory to water trucks, excavator, combo’s, tippers. Recently  both Jennifer and I have concentrated on managing the business in the direction of revegetation and plant management, as we believe this is a more sustainable future and one which we can call on our previous experiences to expand this part of our business.






As a business we are process driven and strongly believe in pushing ourselves, always looking outside the envelope to achieve better results. Throughout our working life innovation, productivity and attention to detail has been the main focus of our business outcomes.

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